Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trip 3: Day 5 Thursday

Today was fun! After our typical morning, Caleb had to go to the Embassy at 9, so James and I hung out in the hotel room. At about 1030 Caleb came back and our driver took us to Red Square. It was chaos there, because the city is setting up for a week long celebration, International Military Music Festival "Spasskaya Tower", but we were able to walk around it to St. Basils and got some pictures of James in front of it. Our driver then took us to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Amazingly beautiful church!!! Inside there are so many murals you just can not take it all on at once. Then we walked over to a pedestrian bridge over the Moscow river that looked on to the Kremlin. The architecture here just blows me away. We ran into the other family here as we, so we took some pics of our boys. So cute :)
The rest of the day we took it easy and did our usual routine. Back to the Embassy tomorrow to get James' passport and visa!!!
Caleb with our driver, Slav

Outside of Red Square

Part of the festivities

Church in Red Square


The Gum (Mall)

More Red Square festivities

In front of the Tomb of the unknown soldier

Street view of St. Basil's

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

View of The Kremlin

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