Friday, August 26, 2011

Accepted and moving forward!

After a fabulous vacation to Galveston for a week and moving/getting settled into our new house, we are finally getting some paper work together for our homestudy.  We were formally accpeted by our agency and sent our signed contract back to them.  We are now awaiting another big 'ol packet of paperwork in the mail to begin working on our dossier!  It's getting exciting!!! For those of you not in the adoption world, a dossier is a compilation of official documents about us that will be sent over to Russia for the Russian government to review.  Not sure what is all consists of yet, but I hear it's a lot of paperwork and time consuming.  I've also been looking at cribs and bedding trying to get ideas for his room.  So much harder than when I had Hannah!  Plus I have all of Hannah's baby item strewn across his room that needs to be sorted through, given back, and/or donated.  This is a task that will take some time and I'm sure a few tears will be shed. ; )  If I ever upload my pics from Galveston, I'll get them posted.  Our Hannah is quite the beach lover!