Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trip 3: Day 3 Tuesday

Well today we never left the hotel as we were advised to (or rather told to) by our coordinator, to allow a little time for James to adjust. Honestly he's done so well, I think it would have been just fine, but we stayed. So we woke up and stood over James' crib until he stirred :) We then FaceTime'd our peeps and ate breakfast....James had an 8oz bottle of formula, a ton of scrambled eggs, a whole thing of prunes, and pancake! Seriously this boy can put it away! We than played and played and played. I went to run on the treadmill...um I have no idea how far I ran since its all in Russian and in kilometers! Will be better prepared tomorrow! Then came back and at about 1030 James was done. He doesn't get cranky or winey, he just slows down and starts sucking his right thumb :) He was exhausted! I put him in his crib and, no kidding, the boy did not move an inch and was out within minutes! So we all napped...for 3 hours! Oops. James had lunch at 2 then we played some more! We took a walk around the hotel while the maid cleaned our room. He had so much fun and it was neat to see him react to anyone speaking Russian. He was like 'ya I know what their saying' ;) He even talked back to them. I would love to know what words he says. He definitely has 3-4 words that he distinctively says when doing certain things. I think one is 'book' (referring to the picture book we left on trip 1. Along with the 2 disposable cameras, it was the only personal item we got back that we left with him. Oh well. But you can tell he either had it in his crib at all times or was shown it often, b/c he loves that book!!!) Another word is 'here or that' or something like that when he hands me something. We came back to the room and FaceTime'd some more. We played some more, ate some more, FaceTime'd some more :) then he crashed in my arms at 730 while talking to my mom and Hannah. Big boy had a fun day with his mommy and daddy!!
Tomorrow we go get his medical exam done for the US Embassy. We'll most likely do some sightseeing as well!
Only 3 more full days here!! Yeah!!


  1. That's so exciting! Enjoy your time there.

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy having him alone!