Friday, December 30, 2011

Friends For Adoption...And some adoption updates

So I follow ALOT of adoption blogs and lately I've been reading about something called Friends for Adoption. It's a "buddy system”, started by couple of adoptive moms, that matches adopting mom's together so that they can encourage each other. Every month, you exchange cheap little gifts in the mail. It can be Cards, books, personal gifts, goodies…etc.  I emailed her tonight and hope to get matched up with someone who is adopting from Russia and is around the same stage as me!  I thought this might be fun since we're done with the paperwork and are beginning the waiting.  Even if we get a quick referral, we still have months before we are finished!  Interested?  Check out her blog HERE.  She's already matched up many families adopting from multiple countries.  I think it's a great idea! The mom's I have read about love it!

On to adoption news!  We have our USCIS biometrics appt on Jan 9th!  I've never been so excited to have fingerprints done. ; )  But I goofed on our FBI backround checks.  I sent the results to Austin to be Apostilled instead of Washington, D.C.  Oops!  Anyways, they are in D.C. now and I hope to get them back soon, but apparently it takes a long time to go through the mail screening. SO, this is the last thing our agency is waiting on for our dossier.  When I talked to my consultant she said she may go ahead and send it to Russia to be translated and then send the FBI results when we get them, or she may just wait to send it all together. Not sure what they decided, but either way, I don't think we can be registered until all items have been recieved and translated. Just a small setback, but it's all ok. 

Stay tuned for the Christmas picture's post!  We had a great Christmas! Hannah was apparently a very good girl this year!! ; )

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book Recommendations?

Ok blogger friends! I put this out on Facebook and got some great ideas but I'm sure y'all have some great ideas as well. I'm starting to build up a reading collection on my iPad (aka, my nook, kindle etc) for our trips. Do you have any recommendations? So far I've downloaded The Hunger Games, Something borrowed, Something Blue series. I'd also like some adoption info reference books, some Christian readings, and anything else you think is great!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I sit here writing this post from work. But thanks to an oh so sweet coworker, I was able to come in a little late so I was able to attend a candlelight service at church, eat dinner with the fam, tuck in Hannah, and set up Santa!
No matter how long you work in the healthcare field, it still just stinks working in holidays...especially Christmas. But the thing is when you get here, it's all ok because it could be worse. I could be a parent here with my sick child, but I'm not. I'm so thankful for that. And I pray for the many children that are spending this Christmas in the hospital. I'll be home for Christmas morning...minus a nights sleep. Not such a big deal in the realm of things.
I love my job, even more so, I love my hospital. I have proudly called Cook Children's my second home...for the last 9 and a half years. I started out as a phlebotomist, then a nurse tech, then a RN, and now a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I'm still adjusting to my new role, but I wouldn't change anything and I'm so thankful for my job. I rarely drive by the front anymore, as the parking garage is on the side, but tonight I did. And the lights this year are incredible! My iPhone does no justice for just how pretty it is. They really put on a show here.
And lastly I can't help but think of our little one in niece was tracking Santa earlier and he just happened to appear over Russia at that time...she said he was delivering presents to her new cousin. Sniff...sniff Please Lord continue watching over our little one as you know who and where he is. I pray he is safe and loved. We'll be coming for you as soon as we can! Next Christmas is going to be so special. Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nursery Sneak Peak

We FINALLY narrowed down colors for the room! I found this awesome wallpaper border and ordered a sample. I love it even more in person! I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Monday, December 19, 2011

December Happenings...Part 2

Last Thursday was Hannah's MDO Birthday Party for Jesus.  We showed up a little early to watch them eat their 'party snacks'.  She was oblivious that I was there, even after she saw me.  Have I mentioned she loves her time there?!
Her little class

Looking over at Nana

Can I get down now?

This year we planned out our day for Santa at the Bass Pro Shop.  Last year we tried and it was a so crazy busy when we got there.  This year we went on Friday at 930...Santa starts working at 10. : ) We were second in line.  It was great!  It was a good Santa and best of : )  Of course there were tears from my bashful child, but stopped when she was given a candy cane. : ) We then shopped around for awhile, rode the carousel, and went to eat at Hard Eight BBQ just down the road. (Yummy!) It's our new tradition!  It was a great day. 
Daddy's girl

Pretty girl

Goofing around on the wooden bridge at Bass Pro

My Fav ; )

Love this one, b/c Santa is trying to console her. So Sweet

Happy girl now!

On the reindeer carousel

By the fishies with Aunt Hill (Caleb's Sister...Hannah is her looks and fashion!)

With mimi

It's what she asked Santa for  ; )

Just for fun here was last year's Santa pic...Can't believe how much she's grown! She was 5 months old

 We had Caleb's dad's side of the family Christmas party on Saturday night.  Mimi curled Hannah's hair for the first time.  She did so good sitting there!
Admiring herself

Then on Sunday, my friend Sara and I took Hannah to ride on the Grapevine North Pole Express Train. It was fun!  There was a pre-show that Hannah danced to and then the Train ride.  She loved it!  She didn't even cry when she saw Santa. Definately going back next year!
Just arrived aff the shuttle

Hannah wanted down!

Waiting for the pre-show to start, she was being so funny dancing around! I had to wrangle her for this pic.

Heading through the tree maze towards the train!

About to load up

Decorated so cute

Here we go!

Yep baby enjoyed the ride as well : )

Oh my, Sara and I laughed so hard at this pic.  Hannah made sure baby was comfortable!

Guess who?!

The Jolly old man himself!

Checking out her bell

Heading back much fun!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Happenings

Busy, busy month!  First, the BIG news is we finally have our I-600 sent off and our our Homestudy is in the mail to our agency.  We'll be registered in Russia REALLY soon!! Maybe by the end of the year, but probably January.  Whoohoo!  The paper chase is basically done...for now! So now what do you do now, you ask?  The Answer: Wait! And wait some more! ; ) Finish the nursery...we've ordered the bedroom furniture and I'm still debating what color to do the walls.  With Hannah is was more of the issue of 'What shade of pink?' : ) With this room, I'm going back and forth between shades of blue, green, and yellow.  So hard to decide!! Starting in January I'll be a joining a Wednesday night bible study group through my church.  This will be my first bible study and I'm so excited!  I'm also training for a Half Marathon with a friend of mine.  I have been less than motivated to train, but we are going to have to get going on training or else we'll end up walking it!   We are doing a 5K this Saturday, so I'm hoping that will jump start my motivation!
A couple of weeks ago, we had a Christmas party with my side of the family along with Caleb's family, at our house. It was so much fun!  I love having a house I can entertain in!  We catered in Rosa's enchiladas and tamales and had plenty of desert and margaritas!!  Here are my favorite pics from the party.

My pretty girl!

Showing off her piano skills

Caleb's Sister, Ali, and her boyfriend, Blair

Miss Ashlynn, My cousin's daughter

Mimi and Pawpaw, and my newest niece Lauren!

Haha this was all night.  So much fun watching all the kids play together

Someone (Ali) was giving my daughter x-long twizzlers...she was quite upset when I had to take them away!

Not sure what was so funny, but I LOVE this pic!

Hannah got a new baby from my other cousin Rhonda. Actually her daughter, Rachael picked it out.  It's like having another child now!  This baby goes everywhere with Hannah!

Aw the twizzlers...and Kendyl and Gigi!

Caleb's brother, Clint, and his other half, Heather

Grandpa opening his white elephant gift : )

Tracy and Aunt Jerri

And this is where you find Hannah most of the these days... she just loves the Christmas tree.  I LOVE watching her eyes as she looks at all the ornaments.  I'm so not ready for her to keep growing up. sniff, sniff ; )
Checking out the ornaments

Laying under the tree...notice her baby with her? ; )

We've got a another busy weekend ahead!  Santa visit on Friday, Mommy's 'Jog'n egg Nog'n' 5K, Crocker Christmas Saturday night and Sunday we are going on the North Pole Express train ride with 'Aunt' Sara! More pics to come!