Friday, October 26, 2012

Update! and lots and lots of pics!

So this Saturday marks 8 weeks HOME!!!!! It's hard to believe he's been home just 8 weeks, because it truly feels like he's been with us forever. Hannah and him have adjusted nicely after a power struggle of a start :) I mean they are exactly 1 year apart, so really it was/is to be expected.  She loves him so much!  It's absolutely precious hearing her ask for him and watching them interact. She always wants to read him book and if he's upset, she right there trying to console him. LOVE!

It is absolutely amazing that he understand just about anything we say to him. He's picked up understanding English so so quick! I love toddler brains! They truly are little sponges. He's babbling a lot and making purposeful sounds, says mama and dada, ball, hi (which he says as soon as you walk into his sweet!), bye, yes (ya) and will make the syllable sounds of many other words. I'm also pretty sure he's said Dora as well ;) as it's Hannah's current fav.

When we came home he was walking, but fell after just a few steps, now he's full speed ahead! His growth and development is right on track, if not ahead in some aspects, which is awesome!  He really came from a great baby home and I'm so grateful for the care he was given.  He attached very quickly and has only gotten stronger.  He's been in the church nursery a few times and cry's appropriately! And is super excited to see us when we pick him up. So so happy about the attachment progress!

Since he's been home he's had lots of Dr visits, blood work, and shots, but he's done so well with them all.  He loves the zoo, swinging, and just playing! It's so neat seeing him learn basic puzzles and how to eat with a fork and basic things we sometimes take for granted. He does well when we go out to eat and eats just about anything we give him which is so nice! He loves milk, which is such a change from Hannah. He's sleeping great and loves to take bath's finally!

I know there is a ton more to tell, but I'll just post pics now.  He is such a joy and we love him so much and we are so blessed to have him in our family!!! We have our first post placement report meeting this coming Saturday already! Crazy!! Before we know it, it'll be our last. Enjoy the pics!!

First trip to the zoo!

Feeding the birdies

Gorgeous girl of mine

loves him mama ;)

Cooling off my little Russian in the indoor part of the zoo

Siblings :)

Second trip to the zoo with the cousins!

Love these girls!


Best cousin friends

So handsome!

more birdies!

First time on the zoo train
Picking flowers

sweet girl

hehe love his hair

and his smile :)

Fun times!

LOL love this goofy girl!

Love her!

Coloring outside

Learning the piano!

No worries, daddy is right behind them!


Oh my word, I love him so! 

The boy loves him some Tupperware




Have I mentioned he LOVES his papa too? :)

First pumpkin patch at our church

My pretty one and her teeny-tiny pumpkin!

He seriously was trying to pick this up!

LOL love his face



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blog of iPhone pics....

I'll do an actual update soon I promise!! James has been home 1 month (last Saturday!) and now 5 weeks out of the orphanage! Let me tell you he's doing fabulous!