Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Beach Vacation!

Ok took way too long to get this up! But every year we go to Galveston for a Crocker family vacation. We SOOOOOO wished James had been here in time for it, but as you all know, he wasn't. We did have a great time, although he was missed greatly! Hannah had a love-hate relationship with the sand this year. Such a girlie-girl! She hated the sand, but loved to play in it. LOL Here are my favorite pics from the week!
Yep this sums up about the first 10 minutes of each beach visit of the week :)

But she finally got over it, each time!

My love

Sassy Gracie girl!

Loved catching water from the 'Big Pool', aka Ocean

Roy made it down this year as well! Love!

Daddy and Hannah

Abbie diggin in the sand

My favorite pic!!! Finally having fun in the big pool ;)

Love love

A trip to Galveston is never complete without a trip to The Strand...or La Kings Candy/Ice Cream Shop for that matter!

More watering...

Being Miss Priss again!

After Hurricane Ike, the Pier with the old Flagship Hotel was destroyed. This year they finally reopened the pier as a new Pleasure Pier! Not only does it make the Seawall look awesome, it's got some pretty awsome rides on it that I know the kids will enjoy for years to come!!

On the Pier

Hmmmhmmm...Miss Thang, but so sweet :)

Yes that is another watering can...

Showing off her crab walk!

Oooh water balloons!!

Baby Lauren's infectious smile!

The crew on the golfcart....

The icecream man came around the neighborhood, so Pawpaw got the girls bombpops...
Hannah was stained for awhile :)

My lil Minnie Mouse
Pretty Lauren

Proof that Hillary was at the beach with us this year :)

Gracie and Hannah claiming their supplies

And again, no visit to Galveston is complete without dinner at the Fisherman's Warf. My beautiful girl outside while waiting on our table

Me and my girl. Love!

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