Monday, August 27, 2012

Trip 3: Day 2 Monday-Gotcha Day!!

Wow today was amazing... James' Gotcha day!! We woke pretty early and FaceTime'd Hannah and our parents. We got dressed then headed over to the Executive lounge for an awesome breakfast! See pics below ;) Then we came back to the room to get ready for the day.
At 10 we headed down to exchange some money and waited for our driver, Slav. He took us to the grocery store to buy a cake for the orphanage. This is a tradition to bring a cake for the caregivers on Gotcha day. Well, the options weren't just vanilla and chocolate! I wish I had taken a pic of these amazingly yummy cakes! We picked one out, paid, then headed to meet Anna, our coordinator this time, and the other family.
We met at some building to apply for James' passport. 20 minutes later we were on our way to the baby home!! We went on in and met with the Director. She went over a few things, we got his baptism record and cross, and then we handed over the clothes we brought to change him into. We tried to see his room, but nyet was our answer (No!) well then they were about to wake them and it was time for their lunch. We asked if they wanted to feed them first, as it would be better for them than wait until we got them to the hotel...well we thought 15 minutes maybe? Nope she told us to come back an hour and a half later! What?!
So we left. We walked around
the area with the other driver, Boris, then returned 45 minutes later ;) They agreed to bring them out! James came out second and very scared and crying :( He stopped by the time we got in the car, then fell asleep in Caleb's arms. So sweet!
We got back to the room and he was quite stoic and clingy to me. We FaceTime'd my mom and Caleb's parents, then took a nap. He fell asleep in my arms, then slept between me and Caleb for 2 hours! When he woke up, he was so happy! We played and played and played! And ate! Oh my he eats so much! I had to give him a little at a time, so that he wouldn't get sick, but needless to say, we'll be needing to go to the store by Thursday ;)
We FaceTime'd and skyped our family again, gave him a good, quick wipe down (bath time is not his thing yet!) then it was bedtime! I tried rocking/holding him first, but I could tell he just wanted in bed. So in the crib he went and 5 minutes later he was out!
We had a great day and pray tomorrow is the same. I expect to see some grieving from him at some point, but we'll tackle that when it comes. Ok must go to sleep now!
Oh and no pics of him on the blog until Saturday, since its so public....if you're friends with me another way....enjoy the pic!

The Executive Lounge

Our Hotel Room

Someone selling produce just a few yards down from the orphanage

Same church I think I posted before on Trip 1. Walking distance from the orphange.

A pretty cool strip mall

The Metro Train Station

They feed the birds everywhere!

About to see James!


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  1. Been waiting for this all day. Congratulations!!!

  2. Vera was similiar. She never expressed greiving at all. I tell people all the time that she walked out of there and never looked back. Anyway, CONGRATS!! The exec lounge brings back memories! Hugs to James and blessings to all of you!