Friday, January 27, 2012

USCIS approval!

We received our I-171H today! This means we are now approved through the US government to bring home a child! Now we're just waiting on that referral!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Take 2 on the nursery colors!!

So as much as I LOVED the 'two by two' wallpaper border...we decided its too 'baby'. Since the little one will come home a toddler we decided to just go with the wallpaper border that matches the crib set. If you remember the pics for our home study, the room is currently a neon green. Not bad, but a little much. After painting about 20 different colors on the wall, we decided to repaint with a prettier green that matches the bedding much better, but is as equally fun! Its almost the same color, but a little easier on the eyes : ) We're painting this week and getting the furniture this weekend! So excited to see it all together!! It's getting real y'all!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Busy, Exciting Week!

On this week's Agenda:
  • Today we have our Biometrics Appt!!  Whoohoo!!
  • I think our Dossier is being sent to Russia this week!!! : ) : )
  • Today I start my second Advocare 24 Day Challenge!  I LOVE Advocare. I have been a MNS and Spark lovin girl for over 10 years now.  I did the 24 day challenge a few months back after I was finished nursing Hannah and lost 12 lbs!  I've kept it off and I'm doing it again starting in one hour with my oh so yummy fiber drink. ; ) Since I'm running now, I'm hoping to lose a more than I did last time...which would put me very close to my pre-prego weight.  Determination people!!
  • Wednesday night I start my first women's bible study!  I'm so excited and can't wait to meet some new God-loving women and learn more about our amazing Lord!  I started reading the 'One Year Bible for Women' on January 1...And it's awesome!  I'm excited to get in to this group so I can learn on a more indepth, personal level.
  • Also this week I will get to see a sweet friend of mine that I haven't seen in some time...delivering her Spark to her ; )
  • I will be visiting another very dear friend who just gave birth to her first baby, after many years of praying for him.  And BOY was he worth the wait!  You should see how precious he is!! I can't wait to snuggle up with him!
  • And then this weekend Hannah, my mom, my Aunt J, and I are loading up in the burb and heading south to San Antonio to visit my cousin Rhonda.  So excited!  We haven't seen her much lately and it'll be Ryan's (her son) first time meeting Hannah! Rachael (her daughter) was able to make it up for Hannah's 1st birthday. So excited to get to spend a few days with all of them!
Busy busy week!  And apparently an exciting week, as I think I've typed that word 10 times now.  I've been up for almost 24 hours now...that's my excuse.

I hope you all have and exciting week ahead! : )

Just for fun, here's Hannah in my shoes before church with her Texas-sized bow ; ) LOVE her!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Wrap-up!

We had a wonderful Christmas!  Hannah had so much fun this year!  I had to work Christmas Eve night, so when I got home Caleb had Hannah eating breakfast in the area of our kitchen where she couldn't see the living room.  We set up Santa before I left for work.  After she ate we were going to take her to the living room, well Caleb needed his glasses, so he ran to get them. Meanwhile Hannah was REALLY wanting to go watch 'mik-mi' (Mickey).  I was holding her back to keep from running into the living! She was crying 'mik-mi, mik-mi' LOL it was so funny.  Caleb gave me the go ahead once he got the video going and I let her loose. But now she's so upset.  She runs over to the living room...crying...doing her pre-way to early-toddler-tantrum until she finally stops and looks at the living room.  Her reaction was priceless and I'm so glad we caught it on camera.  (if I can figure out how to upload it, I will). She didn't know what to do! Finally she ran over to the baby stroller...with a big plush Mickey Mouse in it. She was all smiles after that.  It was so much fun.  We let her play with her Santa toys, my mom got there, then we loaded up the presents and headed over to Caleb's parents house for presents and breakfast.  Total chaos with three little ones opening presents, but so much fun!  Caleb's sisters bought the girls a yellow mini-cooper.  Hannah discovered it first and thought it was all hers! Haha! So we opened presents, played, ate, then headed home.  My mom had some more special presents  waiting for Hannah back at the house, then it was nap time for Hannah....and mommy too. We got a solid 1 hour nap : / then headed back to the in-laws for a late lunch.  Played some more, then home, bath, bed by 7pm for Hannah...and mommy.  I was exhausted, but managed to make it being awake a ridiculous amount of time with a 1 hour nap.  It was a wonderfully, blessed Christmas, but it was missing someone for sure.  Next year will be awesome!
Checking out one of Mimi's Christmas tree's

Playing the piano with Aunt Hillary

Clapping for herself after playing the piano.  This went on for awhile.  It was so cute!

My silly girl on Christmas Eve

Hmmm what's this??

Santa came!  Someone was a very good girl this year!

He even left her a message on her new easel

All about her 'mik-mi'

Checking out her gifts...

...And her stocking stuffers

Move over cousins, this is mine!  HAHA

She loved this thing!

Checking out her rocking chair...

...And her new boots

Gracie cooking up something in her new kitchen


Miss Lauren's 1st Christmas

My mom's expression to her gift! Haha

This was her gift ; )

Back at our house checking out her baby highchair...

...and cradle...

...and rocking horse...can you tell she's tired? : )

Oh and we have 3 new pets...Meet Mouse, Dog, and Bunny.  Little zhuzhu pets that Hannah LOVES. They are constantly running around the house.