Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trip 3: Day 4 Wednesday

This morning we had to wake up James at 730 to get ready in time for his medical appointment. He's such a happy baby in the morning!! We got dressed, FaceTime'd(of course) and headed to the lounge for some grub. We rolled out of there and met our driver at 850. And he had a car seat!!! Whoohoo!! I was one happy mom. With the rain and the usual suspects of crazy drivers, these people are nuts for not using car seats! Anyways, he didn't mind it at all! He's seriously such a laid back child! We got to the clinic and basically went right on in.
The doctor was very nice, but his beliefs are, well, just odd! I had heard about him before from other adoptive Mommy's, but wow. Basically he believes that a baby's cry is just for pure attention. Well dang right it is!!! How else can they communicate?? He said its their way of manipulating adults and we should just ignore the cry's. :O yep that was me...speechless. Thank goodness because I'd like to teach him a few things j/k ;) Anyways he did say something that I actually agreed with and that was that James was definitely favored in the baby home. I still have no current weight on him, but he's most definitely way above the norm for a child from an institutional setting (as the Dr remarked about his Sumo wrestler belly :)). Not to mention he's right on target developmentally. They definitely fed him well as far as the calories are concerned, but his skin is dry, hair is a little brittle (which tells me his nutrition was poor) and we went through tons of wet diapers the first two days while his kidneys adjusted to water intake, as I'm sure he didn't have a sippy cup of water available to him whenever he wanted. But overall, you can tell he was very well taken care of!!! More than you could ask for in a baby home. He's so happy and I just know in my heart he wasn't left to lay in bed all day, like some of the things you hear about in other orphanages.
We left the clinic and headed over to Arbat street. It was rainy, but well it's always rainy, so we borrowed our drivers umbrella and James was covered in my Ergo baby carrier (in which he had a nice catnap while we shopped).
Then back to the hotel. We ate lunch, played, napped, FaceTime'd/Skyped, had dinner, then James crashed laying next to daddy. (and I will never hear the end of that from Caleb! He thinks he's James' way, he's gonna be a mamas boy for sure ;)) But, oh my goodness, it was the sweetest thing!
Tomorrow, Caleb goes to the Embassy and little man and I will hang out here. We hope to go do some more sightseeing and shopping tomorrow as well. This has been such a great week, but we are SO ready to get home!! Just praying that dang hurricane moves on out so out flight doesn't get delayed!


  1. Oh Dr Boris! hahaha Vera has a little indented chest bone and he noted that though she is beautiful, she probably won't have a career in playboy. Well OK Dr! Fine my this momma!

    Anyway, thinking of you guys! Can't wait to see your cutie James!

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