Friday, April 20, 2012

What's in a name, Friend's for Adoption, Easter, Gymnastics, and more!

Well hello blogland! It's been awhile since I've really done any updating. 

First off in adoption news, or no news for that matter, it's now been 4 weeks since we've held our sweet boy in our arms.  We miss him SO MUCH!!! We so badly want to get back to Moscow ASAP! We hear things like 6-8 for a court date in 'normal times', well it's not normal times and some people are waiting up to 12 weeks for a courtdate. So we wait. and wait.  It is encouraging to hear of families getting dates and that they are moving along and picking up speed!  I've been able to make contact with other fellow AAC clients.  They are in various stages of the process, but some are a couple and few more weeks ahead of us.  This is great because we can gage when we'll get a date off their dates.   One thing that just keeps us going is that we have a referral and have met him. Every day that passes is one more day closer to being reunited with James!

Yep his name is James Matthew.  We never could decide on a boy name prior to getting his referral. After we saw his video we both knew that was his name. He just looks like a James and, ever better, he is named after Caleb's father.  We are getting his room finished slowly. I just hung up this verse today. Not sure if it'll stay though.  We apparently have pretty textured walls, so it doesn't stick that great.  I hope it stays up because I love it!

We had a great Easter! We went to Church then spent the afternoon at the Crocker's.  Hannah was definitely more into Egg hunting this year.  She had so much fun with her cousin's as usual.  Here are a few pics from that beautiful day!

Her smile just melts my heart!

My sweet girl

Digging into her loot

I love this pic ;)


LOL I have no idea...
 Last week we started Hannah in a gymnastics class.  She LOVED it! It was so much fun and she loved every station they took her too.  We'll go once a week now.  She looks like such a BIG girl in her leotard!

So a couple weeks before we left on trip 1, I was on the F*cebook FRUA page and noticed a girl had posted that she was about to leave on trip 1 as well. We both messaged each other at the same time.  It was so funny.  We got to 'talking' and became instant friends.  Let me tell you her story is AMAZING!!!  Her and her husband are bringing home THREE...3!!... children ages 4 and under. Sibling group! How amazing is our God?!?  Not many people could, or would, take on this amazing journey.  I'm so excited for Kelsey and Jay! Here is her blog (CLICK HERE). She took a hiatus from it for awhile but she is beginning to update it again. Anyways, immediately we decided to become each other 'Friends For Adoption' buddy.  This a buddy system in which we send a cheap, but fun, gift to each other every month.  This is what was waiting for me when I got back from Russia.

Matryoshka measuring cups!! they look so cute in the little window in my kitchen.  Love them!  You'll have to check her blog out to see I what I got her. Hint: it's hanging in the girl's room!

Well I guess that's all that's going on around here for now!! Hopefully I'll be posting about a courtdate soon!! Keep us in your prayers!!