Sunday, August 26, 2012

Trip 3: Day 1 Sunday

We finally made it after traveling 14 hours. This flight wasn't bad at all this time, as I'm sure we've become world travelers at this point! We stepped outside the airport, after locating our driver, to the usual smell of smoke, sounds of techno music, and sights of crazy drivers and high heels ;)
We sat in traffic forever, but finally made it to the hotel. I asked for an upgrade to a bigger room and got it!! We have a living area and a much bigger bathroom than last time. Whoohoo! Hey if you're going to be held up in a hotel room for a week with a 14 month old, who's week will most likely be a hard adjustment, then why not do it in style ;)
It's now 5 am Monday morning here, and we will get picked up at 1030 to go run errands before we head to the baby home. We have to go do some passport paperwork, get a cake gift for the baby home (a long tradition in this orphanage), the grocery store to get some stuff for James, then to the baby home!!! So hopefully by 1 or 2 we'll have him in our arms forever! Stay tuned for the next post....Today is James' Gotcha Day!!!!!!


  1. can't wait to hear more! Happy Gotcha Day!!!

  2. What an exciting day you have ahead of you! I hope little James makes a smooth transition.