Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving day!! Last year Hannah took her first bite of baby cereal on this day, this year she gets the whole feast!! Here she was last year and now this year (little turkey wouldn't sit still for me) ; )

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Facebook post for today...

So if your on Facebook I'm sure you've seen many of us participate in the 'I thankful for...' posts for the month of November... Thought I'd share today's...
Day 15: today I am thankful for the Lord in teaching us patience. I battle this EVERYDAY. I do not like to wait for anything. Haha and you ask me 'your adopting...internationally...and you struggle with patience??' haha! It's just another road God has led me down to teach me the virtue. Now I go to bed, but not before I check my inbox for the anticipated homestudy draft...for the 50th time today. : )

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kitty Cat's and Pony rides: Picture Overload!

Ok so here is my belated Halloween post.  Caleb and I took Hannah down to Galveston on Halloween weekend.  We took our RV and stayed at the state park.  So nice and so CHEAP!  We had a great weekend.  Ran around on the beach, the Strand, the Seawall.  We love this place.  It's our home away from home.  On the Sunday before Halloween we took Hannah to the Moody Methodist Church and let her 'Trunk or Treat'.  She did not have a clue what was going on and looked a little unsure the whole time, but we enjoyed it!  She was a black kitty cat and just so stinking cute!  We then took her in her Fall dress down to East beach and let her run around. It was so much fun.  She was chasing me and daddy and I was able to get some GREAT pics.  So many I can't decide which I want to blow up.  I'm using them as her 15-16 month pics.  Here are a few!


Prettiest Kitty I've ever seen ; )

Checking out her loot

On a ferry ride, watching the dolphins

So sweet


Love this pic!

Having fun chasing mommy!

Then today at Hannah's Mother's Day Out she got to ride a pony for the first time. So me, Caleb, and Mimi snuck over to watch.  A few in her group cried, but she LOVED it!  She didn't want to get off.  First they posed them for pictures and then let them ride for a minute.  She didn't know we were there, but if she could talk she would be telling us all about how much she loved it and probably be asking Caleb/Santa for a Pony for Christmas! Haha

Watching her little friend stomp his feet at the Pony. LOL

Posing for her Pic (Can't wait to see it!)

Riding her Pony!

Monday, November 7, 2011

This is about as raw as it gets...

I read many, many adoption blogs. Most are ones who have already been there and back and others that are in the process of adopting. One blog I read is about an amazing family who has adopted one child and is adopting another child with down syndrome from Eastern Europe. Here is her post today. Click here: Hopeful Heart Adoption Its about an event that took place during one of her visits with her daughter at the orphanage. We hear all about the many children in orphanages but few actually witness this event. It' I feel like I can't get over to Russia fast enough! It's overwhelming at times.
Now read the post that was written by another couple that witnessed these two young kids the next day. Click here: Home on the Range  Pray for these kids, and all the kids waiting for their forever Family. Pray for our son, who we do not know yet, but has likely been born and is living in an orphanage right now.

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