Wednesday, September 7, 2011

INFO overload...beach vacay, new house,MDO, test, paper chase....

Wow it has been such a busy past couple of months.  I finally uploaded the few pics I took on our family vacation to Galveston.  Hannah is very much a beach baby!  She loved it more and more each day we were there.  We had a blast.   
My cutie

I want some candy!!!

Hmmm just not sure about this wet brown stuff...

Ok I get it! (yep father-in-law in background hehe)

Beautiful girl

Um someone is stinky!  LOL

I want to go play golf!

My sister in law and her boyfriend had made this the day before the pic was taken.  We came back out the next morning and found it like this!  LOL they even left a $5 tip! Love it

splash splash!

Love this

Love this pic too, Hannah with her Aunt Ali

Mine and Hannah's footprint

 When we returned we finally got to move into our new house! It has been so nice to have our stuff out of storage and Hannah sleeping back in her own room.  She RULES this house!  LOL Caleb and I are just her tenants. : ) She has her own playroom right off the kitchen, and stairs (yikes), and a pretty cute bedroom.  The bedroom had been occupied by a 16 yr old girl who had it all decked out tiki-hut style.  They left the window covering and bed 'hut'.  It was so cute that we decided to keep it as Hannah's room too!  Her crib is so cute under it and she loves it.  It goes with the bathroom, as I did it up with beach critters.  Hmmm just got to figure out what to do little brother's room in now. I haven't got any pics of the house yet, but they will soon be coming as we have to take pics of our house for the adoption.  We have a pretty decent size backyard and Hannah has been loving it.  We put out a sprinkler for her to run in and she loves it.

not so sure...

This is fun!

Brave girl

Yesterday, Hannah started a Mother's Day Out.  Even though she doesn't have to go, I feel that it is so important for her growth and development to be around other kids, that aren't siblings or cousins, among many other perks of this program.  It's at a church right across from our house that has a great children's ministry.  I waited too long to get her into our church program, but I am pleased with what this one has to offer.  Hannah did great!  She cried when I dropped her off, as did I : ), like she does on Sunday's, but they reported to me that she stopped crying quickly and she had a great day.  She ate her lunch and snack and slept for the entire allotted nap time!  She was so happy to see me when I picked her up.  It was great.  We then went to visit Daddy, Mimi, and Papa at work where she showed off her coloring for the day.

Checking out her backpack

Loving it

Let's go!

Also on Saturday I finally took and passed my Acute Care Nurse Practitioner exam!  I've already been Primary Care certified, but took some time off from having to study before I decided to buckle down and get this thing taken.  What does this mean for me?  Nothing really.  The position I am in now I only need my Primary care licence, but I'll get a little raise and I'll be more marketable with future job prospects.  But I'm so glad to have it done! I can now focus on getting the rest of my house unpacked and working on the adoption!
So on the adoption  I knew it would be a lot of paperwork, but after receiving the initial packet of todo's....let's just say I lost some sleep stressing over it!  My goodness it's a lot of stuff!  The other night I typed up mine and Caleb's todo lists to help get us organized and we're just going to start at the top and work our way down.  One good thing is that we are not in any hurry, so we are just going to take our time and get it done in the most 'stressless' manor we can. : )
Whew that was a long post...pray that we stay sane during this time period of the adoption!! It is quite overwhelming!
Oh and one more thing, my RN career consisted of working as a NICU nurse and it is and will always be so near and dear to my heart.  Yesterday marked a MAJOR milestone for my former NICU.  They officially opened thier 100 bed, all private rooms, NICU.  Got to admit I felt a little sad that I couldn't be a part of this incredible move, but I am so thrilled for all those babies, families, and my former staff to be recieving such amazing unit.  And when I say amazing, I mean AH-MAZING!  I got to tour it recently and it is incredible.  There are private rooms for twins, triplets, and even quads.  Here's a news link from one of the news stations that coved the historical move.  They moved over 50 babies in two hours!.... 
I love seeing my former coworkers on the news!

Ok one more of my baby girl!  This was from her 1 year pics by Corrimages in Mansfield.  We've been using them for all her milestone pics.  Cori is a fabulous photographer and we are so thankful for all the precious pics she has taken for us!
My sassy girl!