Thursday, December 8, 2011


This blog post is a plea for help from a friend of mine.  Here's her story...

My friend, Melissa and her husband Bill, have been fostering to adopt two these beautiful children (ages 4 and 23months) for the past 22 months. 

Even though the birth mother has given up her parental rights, the bio father has somehow been found or has come forward...FROM MEXICO...who hasn't seen or contacted the children in over a year!  These children are English speaking US citizens and their bio father is seeming to have more rights here as an illegal than these children do as US citizens!  Melissa has had a really hard time finding a lawyer that is reasonable or that understands the ins and outs of CPS. HOWEVER, he is an illegal immigrant that can get an American lawyer for free!! Ugh it just makes me sick!!  I do not know all of the intimate details that are being dealt with, BUT what I do know is that Melissa and Bill know how the children will be living if they are sent to their bio father.  IF the children would be cared for properly, then they would be able to sleep at night knowing that the kids are in a place where they are loved and where their needs will be met, but this is, unfortunately, NOT the case. CPS is determined to give these children back to their bio father (good 'ol reunification) who hasn't wanted them in the past and has done nothing for them that has been a benefit to the either of the childrens lives.  THE BEST INTEREST FOR THESE CHILDREN is to remain with Melissa and Bill.  The best interest for these children is not to be sent to Mexico where their needs will not be met, will live in sub par conditions, and will not be loved and cared for as Melissa and Bill currently do....
It's coming down to the wire here.  They are getting the children's passports ready so the children will be taken to Mexico very, very soon.  My heart is just breaking for Melissa and her husband, but most of all for the kids.  I just can not imagine the fear, confusion, and terror these kids will be going through if they are sent to Mexico. Especially the youngest one, who ONLY knows Melissa as her mommy and Bill as her daddy.  If they can get a lawyer on board SOON, they may be able to stall the process and they can at least have their day in court to fight for THEIR kids!!

2. Do you happen to know of a lawyer in the DFW area that would be willing to work pro bono or for lesser fees?
3. DONATE to help them fund a lawyer!!  Melissa has set up a paypal 'FundRazr' account. Here is the link CLICK HERE  It takes you to a Facebook page but you do not need facebook to donate.  Click on GIVE and it will take you to paypal where you can donate to her account.
4. Spread the word!! Post this on your blog, facebook, twitter, whatever gets the word out!

(I had a #5, but took it down for privacy reasons...It was to contact two local radio stations for 'Christmas wishes' you need to have her contact info to nominate her...which I won't post publicly for obvious it you actually know me and want to help nominate this family, email mail me and I'll figure out how you can nominate her. Thanks!)

Please help in anyway you can.  I know I don't have a whole lot of readers, most of my readers are adoptive mommy's and daddy's, we all know what truly makes up a family...and sharing DNA is not a requirement...

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