Friday, December 9, 2011

Final Homestudy Recieved!!

So after receiving our FBI background checks, I am no longer anxious about our mail now...instead of checking to see if it came early...five times a day...I just now wander out there after 5 with Hannah so she can check the mail.  Well today I was surprised to see a huge package in the mail with my wonderful social worker's return address on it!  I knew exactly what it was!  So exciting!! She was waiting on our FBI results as well, as our adoption agency wanted the results in the homestudy.  I didn't expect to get it from her so soon! I just love her...Jenna, you are so wonderful!  Now we get to send off our application to the USCIS!

***On another note, PLEASE keep praying for my friend Melissa.  If you are reading from my blog, just scroll down to my last post...if you are reading from an email, click HERE to read about her situation.
If there is anyway you can help, Please let me know.  If you want to help nominate her to the local radio stations, contact me and I'll help you with her info. You can help by Praying,  Repost my previous post anywhere you feel necessary to get the word out, Donate, Pray!!!
***Also on December 16 at the 'Big Barn BBQ' in North Richland Hills, there will be a fundraiser for them.  Make sure to tell them you are there to support Bill and Melissa Blevins.  Not sure what the fundraiser entails at this point, but I'll update when I find out.


  1. Melissa, that is great news! Maybe you'll get your referral soon.

    That is awful for those kids. I'm so sorry for your friends and thier children. I hope something works out.

  2. Congratulations on getting your homestudy finalized! I hope you get registered in country and receive your referral quickly!