Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...and a little Flight attendant in Training...

I LOVE this time of year!!! If I could keep Christmas decor up all year long I would.  Here are few pics of it.  Also this weekend we have some of my family in town.  Yesterday we went out to Frisco where one of my aunt's live.  She is a corporate flight attendant for T*exas In*truments and we got to go to the hanger and let Hannah, Caleb, and my grandparents see the plane's that Aunt Jerri fly on.  I actually got to fly on one a few years back during one of the pilot's last flight.  Boy is would be sooo nice to take one of these babies to Russia! ; ) 
I love my mantle this year! I made the wreath. I'm quite proud of it!

Caleb and I got new stockings this year and we hung an extra one up for little brother. Next years Christmas is going to be so so special!

Hannah's ornament this year... it's a hand print : )

Love having a two story house so I can decorate the staircase!

Our house all lit up!

Doesn't he kinda look like a pilot??

With Aunt J in her office!

my mom and Aunt J

Love her

Grandpa and Gigi

Love this pic!  All the cousins have pics in this chair.

Pointing at the other plane and telling us all about it!

So handsome, Hannah kinda freaking out!


Heading to see the other plane

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