Friday, December 30, 2011

Friends For Adoption...And some adoption updates

So I follow ALOT of adoption blogs and lately I've been reading about something called Friends for Adoption. It's a "buddy system”, started by couple of adoptive moms, that matches adopting mom's together so that they can encourage each other. Every month, you exchange cheap little gifts in the mail. It can be Cards, books, personal gifts, goodies…etc.  I emailed her tonight and hope to get matched up with someone who is adopting from Russia and is around the same stage as me!  I thought this might be fun since we're done with the paperwork and are beginning the waiting.  Even if we get a quick referral, we still have months before we are finished!  Interested?  Check out her blog HERE.  She's already matched up many families adopting from multiple countries.  I think it's a great idea! The mom's I have read about love it!

On to adoption news!  We have our USCIS biometrics appt on Jan 9th!  I've never been so excited to have fingerprints done. ; )  But I goofed on our FBI backround checks.  I sent the results to Austin to be Apostilled instead of Washington, D.C.  Oops!  Anyways, they are in D.C. now and I hope to get them back soon, but apparently it takes a long time to go through the mail screening. SO, this is the last thing our agency is waiting on for our dossier.  When I talked to my consultant she said she may go ahead and send it to Russia to be translated and then send the FBI results when we get them, or she may just wait to send it all together. Not sure what they decided, but either way, I don't think we can be registered until all items have been recieved and translated. Just a small setback, but it's all ok. 

Stay tuned for the Christmas picture's post!  We had a great Christmas! Hannah was apparently a very good girl this year!! ; )

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