Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book Recommendations?

Ok blogger friends! I put this out on Facebook and got some great ideas but I'm sure y'all have some great ideas as well. I'm starting to build up a reading collection on my iPad (aka, my nook, kindle etc) for our trips. Do you have any recommendations? So far I've downloaded The Hunger Games, Something borrowed, Something Blue series. I'd also like some adoption info reference books, some Christian readings, and anything else you think is great!


  1. Risk and promise a handbook for parents adopting overseas (recommended by my agency) http://ntiupstream.corecommerce.com/Books/Risk-and-Promise-A-Handbook-for-Parents-Adopting-a-Child-From-Overseas-p22.html

    Parenting your internationally adopted child: from your first hours together through the teen years

  2. Thanks Kelley! I haven't heard of eithor book.

  3. "The Connected Child" was my favorite book about helping with bonding and attachment. Very easy to read and very practical. Lots of ideas for schedules, games and activities to do to help promote a tight connection.

    "Blue Like Jazz" is my favorite Christian book.

    I hear "The Help" is a great book and is next on my reading list.

    Before we left for Russia I got a Russian language CD from the library and loaded it onto my laptop so I could listen to some Russian. I only managed to learn 20-30 words, but it was better then nothing and usually put me to sleep quickly!

  4. Here's what I've read on Kindle- I've listed my favorites in order

    #1 best is Dawn Davenport's International Adoption
    #2 is Russian Adoption Handbook, though it's a touch out of date. Still excellent!
    #3 Born in our Hearts is great while you're frustrated from waiting what seems like forever
    #4 Praying through your adoption is great when you feel like you've lost control
    #5 The Patty Cogen book is good for attachment, but don't let it freak you out.

    I also obsessively read pretty much every adoption memoir out there!
    And- if you're considering cloth diapering, then this is awesome to learn about it!

    We're waiting for court, so I've had a LOT of time to read everything out there.
    Blessings to you!