Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 1-Sunday

We made it finally! Flights weren't that bad. Connected in DC, then straight to Moscow. We slept very little on the plane so we are TIRED! We made it through passport control, baggage claim, and customs pretty quickly. As we came out of customs, this is where the families/friends meet. The way it was set up was odd. Imagine the red carpet walk for the stars....i seriously thought a celebrity was pop out somewhere! The people were packed on like sardines waiting on their loved ones! We spotted our name card held by our designated driver, then we were off! Very strange getting into a car with someone who you do not know, who speaks very little English. We are definitely out of our comfort zone! We checked in at the hotel we are staying, ran into our flight attendants from our flight, took a few pointers from them, then Caleb went out venturing a bit while I napped, then he came back to join me. We got up to Skype with Hannah (which, btw, we were just interrupting her morning dose of Mickey Mouse...stinker!) and now I'm trying to stay awake while Caleb snoozes next to me. We spoke with our coordinator a moment ago and she said our MOE appointment is in the afternoon on Monday. So we meet with her around noon then take the very short walk down to the MOE building.
Russia is an interesting and pretty country! I love seeing all the Cyrillic everywhere. I did spot a McDonald's, Starbucks, Sparro pizza, and a KFC! Those signs are pretty universal! Everything I've heard is true...the traffic here is nuts (you thought road rage is bad in the states? Lol come to Moscow!) the women are all wearing 4 inch stiletto boots walking everywhere, ice or no ice, I'd be on my booty if I attempted that! We can't wait to go explore. Our hotel is very close to the touristy attractions. Ok that's all for now! Time to rest up for our busy week!


  1. welcome to Russia! What a wonderful journey you are on! Praying for your first meeting with your little one.

  2. So glad you made it! It sounds like you are down in the Tyverskya area! That is where we stayed when we went for court and such. Great area!

  3. Hi, Nice your trip goes so well!

    It's so true about the arrival at the airport. Hope your first meeting will goes very well tomorow!!!!

    The time fly so quickly here in Moscow!

    Take care

  4. So glad you all made it safely. Get some rest for your big week!!!!
    Much love -John and Sara

  5. So excited for you. I hope everything goes smooth. Love reading all your posts!!
    Prayers and Love -- Jodi, Randall, and Kids

  6. Are you at the Marriot Grand? Best wishes tomorrow!