Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 4- St. Basil's and Arbat Street

Today we got out and went to eat breakfast at a little coffee house around the corner of hotel called Cafe Mania. I had my first Blini (yum!!) and Caleb had an omelet that was so good as well.  We then headed back down to the Red Square. We finally got to see St. Basil's Cathedral close-up.  It is so amazingly beautiful in person.  Pictures just do not capture its beauty.  We wanted to go in, however we were there too early....apparently we are early risers. So instead we went to see Lenin's Mausoleum. Um can you say creepy?! This man died in 1924 and he is laid up in a huge mausoleum, so tightly guarded that we had to check in my camera and our phones before we could enter.  He is lying in a carriage looking coffin encased in glass. He seriously looks as if he died yesterday.  They have managed to maintain the integrity of his body so well.  So well it's just, well, creepy! I'm glad I went to see it (him) but can't say I'd do it again. After we rested up a bit back at the hotel, we ventured back out to Arbat street.  This is a pedestrian street near our hotel that supposedly has been in existence since the 15th century. Good 'ol wikipedia gives some interesting info about it, but basically it now exists as a street full of souvenirs, restaurants, and a place for artists to sell art, play music, etc.  I'll bet this place is hopping when we return for our 2nd trip in a couple months.  The snow was really coming down again today so we only visited a few shops, but still managed to grab a couple items.  We are now back at the hotel just waiting on our phone call to inform us what time we should be ready in the morning to go back to the MOE and then after that meeting we head straight over to the baby home!!! We are so excited and ready.  We've got some great pics to show our little guy one day, but we would have rather spent all our time in the baby home.  We are just going with the flow, but it is hard.  We miss Hannah and our family so much and can't wait to get home...after we love on our son for a couple days.

 This the MOE building

 A pretty church along the path towards Red Square

A fun playground!

 Another pretty church

Better view of the state museum 

 and the orange building, so unique!

Entrance into the Red Square 

Church within Red Square 

Lenin's Mausoleum 

Spasskaya Tower 

St. Basil's Cathedral 

Closeup of the domes 

Another guy took this pic for us...funny story (see below) 

This is a MALL! It's called The Gum 

So after this man took our pic, Caleb asked if he wanted his taken.  Caleb took about 3 or 4 pics for this guy, but they just weren't right!  LOL the man  was getting frustrated, then another Russian came over and took it for him...correctly I guess ;)

Moscow from St. Basil's  

A bar off of Arbat Street 

Building off Arbat street 

Another pretty building 

Arbat Street 


Some native...

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