Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 6- 2nd and 3rd visits

Today was another great day!! We headed over to the orphange at 930 this morning. We went to the same room as before and they brought our boy to us right away.  He seemed to remember us as he came right to us and started looking for his toys. ;) He really warmed up to us this morning we got  many smiles from him and played on the floor most the time.  He showed us how he can roll over and army crawl.  We counted 8 teeth! 4 on top and 4 bottom.  He was starting to make really funny faces at us and we really started to see his personality! It was a great morning visit! After our visit we met with the orphanage head doctor and went over a few things then headed out to lunch.  We went to a nearby mall that was quite odd. It was more of a 'mall' of a L@we'e type store, many kiosk-like stores, and a Walm@rt-like store. But there was a Starbucks that we found snacks and drinks in. Yep tastes the same in Russia!
We headed back to the baby home at 2.  They brought him in shortly after we got there and he really started hamming it up for us!  We got lots of smiles, giggles, babbling, even said 'dada'.   We really had a great visit with him.  It was sooooo hard to leave him.  We just pray that it'll be  a sooner rather than later court date.  We are hoping for 8 weeks, but may be around 12 weeks before we can return for court. 
We are all packed up now and ready to head back to the states tomorrow.  We are so so ready to scoop up Hannah and give her all our lovin.  We miss her so much.  Hopefully our flights will go as planned tomorrow!
paka paka for the last time from Russia...for now ;)

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  1. I'm happy to hear you had great visits. Hope you get a court date quickly so that sweet boy can be home soon.