Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 2- Monday

So today we woke early at about 530am, Caleb went to run in the gym and I skyped with my mom.  We just missed Hannah, as she had just gone down for the night.  We messed around for awhile in the hotel room, then decided to get ready for the day.  Around 830 we ventured out of the hotel.  It was chilly, but not bad, but the snow was really coming down on us, so we didn't stay out too long.  The architecture is incredible here! I can't wait to get out further.  We will have all Tuesday and most likely Wednesday to be tourists.  Our meeting with the MOE went well.  We will meet with them again on Thursday morning and then we will head directly to the baby home! We can not wait! We got back to our hotel room around 3:30 and quickly fell asleep...unitl 9! We messaged a couple people and Facetime'd with Hannah. Enjoy the pics!
Outside our hotel

Yep that a mercedes, 2 land rovers, and an audi I think...these people drive crazy nice cars here!

So pretty

I just love this appropriate

Love love this red building, it could almost fit in on The Strand in Galveston

Bells in the church

Ironwork is beatiful here


Yep hub's is in his western jeans and boots...and yep we got lots of stares ;)

Our hotel

Another beautiful church right across the street from the hotel


  1. So glad you guys are there safely and soaking it all in! Love the pics! :)

  2. Have fun!!! I'll be praying for you as you get ready to meet your precious little one!!

  3. As soon as I saw the picture of that beautiful church, I knew you were staying at the Courtyard Marriott! I stayed there just a little over a year ago. Actually stayed there on each of my four trips and brought my son home for good on May 1.

    Good luck meeting your son. It truly is a trip of a lifetime!