Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 5- Metcha Day-March 22, 2011

Ok late post, but we were busy today!! Today was a great day. We woke, got ready, and ate a yummy hot breakfast at the hotel, then we waited, and waited. At noon we met the other adopting mom, who's with our agency and who's child is in the same groupa as our little man, and our translator and walked over to the MOE. We had to wait a little longer as there were two other couples in front of us. Finally it was our turn! We went back into the same room, with the same lady's we met on Monday. The asked us nothing and just slid over a paper with our son's picture on it. Oh my heart melted and jumped for joy all at the same time. Our translator read us some info (most of which we already knew) and then were asked if we wanted to meet him. Da da!! (yes yes!!). We then waited on the other adopting mom for her appointment and we were off to the orphanage!!
We drove maybe 30 minutes or so to the orphanage through Moscow's crazy traffic....although our coordinator stated it wasn't bad today (really?!). We arrived to a very clean, well kept building, surrounded by a wall that was fun and colorful. We walked in and we're quickly ushered up to what appeared to be a physical therapy room. We were told that the Ministry of Health (I think) was there and that apparently aren't fond of foreigners, so we were unable to meet with the head doctor today. Olga instead got baby J's files and went over it with us. We learned some really interesting information about his heritage and a little about his health. We will get to meet with the doctor tomorrow to go over his info again and have the ability to ask questions. Then we waited and waited (shocked right?) as the groupa was napping and then eating. Finally about 230 they brought him in first. Oh my gosh, we are more in love with him now than ever!! He was so sweet!! He came to me looking a little unsure at first, but warmed up very quickly. He was quite solemn and his eyes were watery with a crusty nose as if he may be fighting off a cold. But boy is he a snuggler! And a chunk!! This boy is not missing any meals!! I seriously think he weighs within a few pounds of Hannah! I held him for awhile, tried to sit...nope he wanted me to stand, he let out a sailor-like burp (haha) then Caleb took him. He went right to him! (they warn us that they may be quite fearful of men as they see very little men in the baby home) but he was so sweet with his daddy. You can tell he was just taking it all in. At one point he spit up a bit and I was wiping off his face and he puckered that bottom lip out so far...omgosh it was so sad and cute! Shortly after he arrived his little groupa buddy showed up with a set up lungs on her! He looked very concerned about her. It was sweet. They took her to a different room, but he kept looking that direction when he heard her cries. Our visit was very short but so so sweet. At 3 they came back in to get him. Our visit was shortened do to the officials that were there. So we left, it was hard. Our driver took us to this incredible cathedral near the baby home. It was magnificent!! Inside, the walls and ceiling (tall, tall ceilings!) were painted so eloquently and the gold accents were incredible. We then headed back to the hotel. We FaceTime'd with our family and rested a bit. We then walked down the block to this fabulous pizza place that was soooo good! And the best was it was cheap! Have I mentioned that Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world??
So today was a great day!!! We are so in love with him! It's going to be hard to leave him tomorrow, but it's just part of it. We'll get to visit with him twice. We'll be back in a couple months for court and will get to visit with him then as well. This process is hard, but so is pregnancy!, and IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!!
So no pics today. As most know we can not post pics publicly until trip 3, after the 30 day waiting period post court.
Paka paka!!!


  1. wonderful! happy metcha day!!

  2. Sounds like everything went smooth and wonderful. That is just awesome! Chunky??? Wow!! That is unusual! Looking forward to hearing about your next visit. :-)

  3. Yay! So happy for you!!!! Sounds like you had an amazing visit and today's will even be better!!! Thanks for all the updates!!! Tell him Brayden says hi and misses him! : )