Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby J's cross

Wanted to share a pic of this AMAZING cross hand made by a friend of a friend of my aunt. It is stunning and hard to believe that someone can do this with such detail! Love love it!! And yes after all the stress of picking out a wall color and actually buying a different green paint....we kept what was already there. ; ) it is a very bright green but his furniture is a dark brown(so that tones it down a bit, and its actually a pretty contrast) and once we get all the decor up it'll look great! I'll put up pics once its finished. Lots of Little things to do! In adoption business news, we received our visa's today so we are set to go now! We are so excited and nervous and sad about being away from Hannah but it'll be great! She'll be in good hands and we'll be FaceTime-ing and using Skype a lot. Eek! 10 days to go!!

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