Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zoo Pics

Today was such a beautiful day for the zoo.  We have an annual pass and go pretty regularly, but today I actually brought my camera.  Here's a few pics!
Hannah and her Nana.  She usually loves feeding the birds, but wasn't into it today I guess.  This big fat one followed us around the bird cage Ha!

Nana and her Aunt Ali

These two black bears have been smooching since we came last week!  Funny...maybe some baby black bears at the Zoo soon?? ; )

Hi Mommy

Ooh pretty kitty

Excited to run into her other grandma, Mimi, and her cousin Gracie 

Laughing at Gracie...she loves her

My neice Gracie! Pretty cute huh?!

Hannah with her Nana and Mimi

Not sure what was up with my mom's camera aim, but Hannah is sitting on a elephant statue.

Um, no comment ; )

This was so sweet.  We were waiting inline for the carousel and Hannah was INTENTLY watching it.

Sweet girl


Loving it!


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