Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Home Study Pics

We have a scheduled home study appointment!! This is a big milestone and wish we could get it done tomorrow, but it's not until Friday the 21st.  Tonight my mom took all of our home study pics for us.  We needed to have 12 different photos to send over to Russia in our dossier of us in our home.  Hannah was less than interested in taking pictures tonight, but we got it done! Some of my family members haven't seen the new house yet, so here are a few of the pics we chose, plus some 'out takes'.  My mom had a pretty cute distraction! : )


HaHa I love this pic, because this was what Hannah was doing the entire time during the 'photoshoot'

Yep if you looked closely, there are no candles on my candle holders....that box remains MIA : /

This the playroom, right off the kitchen. Probably one of my most favorite rooms in the house.

Hannah's room. 
This room belonged to a teenager before we bought the house and she had her room all done up tiki hut style.  They left the decor and it was just so so cute with Hannah's furniture so we left it.  I love it!

Little borther's room
Um...now this room was cute the way they had it decorated, but it is awful now that there isn't anything else in the room.  Not looking forward to painting over the lime green. 

Our office/piano room

Out takes!  My little baker...

and rock climber...


and daddy's little girl!


  1. Looks great!

    I remember being so worried about choosing the right pictures for our home study. Later, we found out that it wasn't such a huge deal in the process. Trust me... the Russians will think your home is amazing! I think any home in the US gets that reaction there. You'll be fine!