Saturday, October 15, 2011


Wow is all we can say about the mmpi2 psychological test. Nearly 600 random true-false questions.. Do you enjoy reading mechanics magazine, would you like to be a librarian? A nurse (um true), how about a sport journalist? Do you want to harm yourself? Do you hear noises other people do not hear? Do you like to hunt? It was an interesting test to say the least. I giggled more than few times at the questions. Glad that's over with. We'll get are results soon I guess. Hope we passed! ; )
My aunt jerri came out last night to visit and we all went out to our favorite place...Joe T Garcias...yum yum. It used to be a weekly visit for Caleb and I but now we live further away so it's more of a monthly visit now.

Jerri and Hannah

Hannah wearing her 'smocked auctions' fall dress

Then today we went shopping and purchased my first big thing for baby brother! I'd been eyeing a crib set for awhile and decided I need to buy it to start getting the nursery together. To make me feel as if there really is a baby on the way! Even better is that is goes with the green walls!!! My hubby hugged me when I told him we didn't need to repaint! Ha!! I'll post pics later when we are actually getting his room together but I will say that its a Noah's ark theme. It's sooo cute!
Homestudy visit on Friday!!! And then the next week we're taking the RV to Galveston for a cheap family vacay. Can't wait to experience the big G on off season!

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  1. I was so glad we didn't have to do this. We just did a phone interview. So much quicker and easier! Seems like such a waste of time IMO to do the MMPI2. But, just another hoop to jump through that is totally worth it!!!