Friday, November 2, 2012

The Halloween Post!

This is the first year Hannah really got to go trick or treating. Her first year she was just 4 months old, last year we Trunk-or-treated in Galveston, and so this year was really fun!! We had everyone over to our house for pizza and then ventured out to trick-or-treat! Hannah had so much fun! After the first house , my reserved little girl realized what was happening. She would run as fast as she can to the house yelling 'Trick me! or Trick treat!' LOL and elbowing her way to the front of the group. ;) James had fun too, but still too young to really understand. We had a fun crew! Here's the pics! (Disclaimer: FULLY aware the Cowboy's are terrible, but still fans! What can you do? ;))
My little DCC and Romo ;)

Sigh, just so pretty

So cute!!

Acorns anyone?

Playing peek-a-boo!


And then she was minnie mouse...

Presents from Mimi

Why's he scared looking?...

This guy :) Chris totally freaked James out! LOL

His daily accessory these days!

Caleb's sister's and Blair :)

The cousin's minus James.. he was done
Since our formal dining still sits empty, it turns into another playroom

Trick or Treat!

Caleb getting his own 'treat' from our neighbors cooler ;)

Some of the crew

Sprinting to the door!

Blurry, This house looked so cool! It was a mummy CREEPY!!

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  1. So adorable. I'm still thinking and praying about Russia. It seems so perfect, but the cash to carry just seems so scary. I think I'll have to watch these other families to see how it turns out before I'm really that brave!