Friday, November 2, 2012

Adoption awareness and just so excited!!!!

November is adoption awareness month!! So here is an incredible story that is happening in my neck of the woods. :)
Ok so background story, back in June (I think it was June, that time of the year was quite a blur :)) one of our pastors went on a mission trip to Russia with this AMAZING ministry....
Our church followed her journey into the orphanages there. I LOVED reading and hearing about her experience!!! And of course I was super excited that she was making awareness of not only the orphan crisis, but specifically the Russian orphans. I reached out to her and started what began a special relationship. I mean, I absolutely adore this woman!! Little did Pastor Reid know, she was also stirring the hearts of some of our own church family!!
The first email I got from her about a family wanting to pursue a Russian adoption was sooooo exciting!!! I quickly became friends the sweet wife of this family and then learned she lived just a street over!! Fast forward...their dossier should be on Russian soil right now!!!!
So if that wasn't exciting enough, Pastor Reid sent me another email about ANOTHER family wanting to bring home a child from Russia as well!!! I seriously pray that I keep getting these emails!! I haven't had the pleasure of meeting this family in person yet (it's a big church :)) but we've gotten to know each other though email correspondence and have I said how excited I am!!!
Both of these families are incredible and this is now TWO more children who will be orphans no more!!! And now Three little Russians (most likely very close in age) that will attend the same church and grow up in the same town!! I love it!!! I love LOVE how God is moving hearts here in my little town (ok soooo it's not so little anymore...)
Anyways, the second family just went public and I'm pleased to pass on their blog to you! It's...
Please lift this family up in prayer!! I also plan on being a BIG advocate for them as they get going with their fundraising efforts so you'll be hearing a lot about the Brower's!!!
Please pray for the other family as well!! Now that their dossier is finished, the hard part has started...waiting!! Both families are requesting little girls, so their journey could be a bit longer than James', but the timing is all in Gods plan for each of these families!

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