Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Scentsy=Adoption Fundraising!!

I have now signed up as a Scentsy Consultant with the sole purpose of raising funds for families in the adoption process!
I do not know where this will lead me, but I PRAY that I can build a solid foundation where I can bring in a decent amount of money to donate to these families!

I am currently focusing on one family...The Brower's! This sweet family I spoke about in my previous post. We held an online party for them through MercyFound Ministries (click their button to the right to learn about them!) The party was a huge success and so I signed up as a consultant under Stephanie, SOOO a percentage of my sales will actually go back to that incredible ministry as well!! I'm so pumped and excited about what God is doing with these two ladies with MercyFound and with me as well!

Currently 100% of my commission I will be donating to the Brower's!!!! I will make NO money off this at all. All of it will go directly to them.

How can you help? Start Christmas shopping!!! Or shopping for yourself!

--You can shop directly from my website www.ItTakesAVillage.scentsy.us
--You can shop from one of my current online parties, just click their page from my Scentsy page!
--You can host a party!! Online parties are big right now and EASY!! I can also schedule an in person party in the DFW area as well, just contact me for details! The hostess rewards are AWESOME!!

Hop on over to the Brower's blog to follow their journey! www.broweradoption.com
FACT: The main reason people choose NOT to adopt is because of the steep fees that can be attached. This family is taking a huge leap of faith and leaving it all to God. Please shop away and know that you are part of the 'village' that is helping bring a little girl home to her family! The orphan crisis is REAL and you do not have to physically adopt a child to help bring one home!

Happy Thanksgiving! And thank you to those who have shopped already!


  1. I'm forbidden to buy anything 'nonessential' until we've moved. But then my dear, I will be refilling my warmers with some of your scentsy bars!!!

    I'm lovin' your heart behind this!

    1. Thank you Meredith!! You are awesome! Good luck on your move! I know you're excited to be back with your family!!