Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Take 2 on the nursery colors!!

So as much as I LOVED the 'two by two' wallpaper border...we decided its too 'baby'. Since the little one will come home a toddler we decided to just go with the wallpaper border that matches the crib set. If you remember the pics for our home study, the room is currently a neon green. Not bad, but a little much. After painting about 20 different colors on the wall, we decided to repaint with a prettier green that matches the bedding much better, but is as equally fun! Its almost the same color, but a little easier on the eyes : ) We're painting this week and getting the furniture this weekend! So excited to see it all together!! It's getting real y'all!!


  1. Wow, you are on it! I wasn't inspired to do Polinas room until the last day of our first trip when I saw a beautiful Russian ballet painting in one of the souvineir shops. Be sure to post pictures when you are done.

    1. Well I'm quite type A and a little OCD! I had Hannah's room picked out within a week of knowing her gender and was completely finished by 30 weeks! I daydream of these things and then it has to be done NOW! LOL I'm quite impatient as well ; )

  2. I was a lot like you. Crosby's room was done before we left for trip two. Mostly designed before trip one. :) I admit it... I had the baby fever!