Monday, November 7, 2011

This is about as raw as it gets...

I read many, many adoption blogs. Most are ones who have already been there and back and others that are in the process of adopting. One blog I read is about an amazing family who has adopted one child and is adopting another child with down syndrome from Eastern Europe. Here is her post today. Click here: Hopeful Heart Adoption Its about an event that took place during one of her visits with her daughter at the orphanage. We hear all about the many children in orphanages but few actually witness this event. It' I feel like I can't get over to Russia fast enough! It's overwhelming at times.
Now read the post that was written by another couple that witnessed these two young kids the next day. Click here: Home on the Range  Pray for these kids, and all the kids waiting for their forever Family. Pray for our son, who we do not know yet, but has likely been born and is living in an orphanage right now.

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  1. Wow. At our son's orphanage we didn't see any other kids, like they were hidden away somewhere. On our court trip the director said "thanks for adopting him, there is always a waiting list"

    Can't even imagine what goes through those poor baby's minds. Then what do they think when they are children, when they start to know what's going on? UGH.

    I hope your journey is swift.

  2. Similar story- I remember visiting the orphanage once and while waiting on our child, in walked a social worker with two children, a boy about age 5 and his sister, maybe 3. The little boy was holding her hand and comforting her, but they were both crying, and seemed terrified. They were sitting on a bench across from us, huddled together. Their father had just brought them in. Their mother had died, and apparently, he had no means of supporting them. He told them he would come back for them, but our interpreter told us that was unlikely. I will NEVER forget their faces. It broke my heart.

  3. Heading over to the links. Haven't read them yet, but wanted to say I remember feeling and posting this same message. And I hate to tell you this, but the prayers won't stop here. Meeting and leaving your child is the hardest thing you will ever do. I remember posting about the prayers in between trips.

    Just hold tight to your faith and your loved ones.... because trust me when I say it is SO SO SO worth it!

    Off to read the other blogs.