Sunday, September 9, 2012

First week home!!

James is doing so great!! He's adjusting, attaching, and bonding far better than I could have imagined!! He's eating, sleeping, and doing his business just fine ;)
He loves LOVES food! He's definitely shown us why he's 40-50% for his weight...we're sure he was the loudest in his baby home, thus fed first and most :) I mean you do NOT put him in his highchair UNLESS you have food ready to give!
He loves splashing in the water play station, but still working on bath time in which you get blood curdling screams from him.
He loves his mama and dada! His attachment is going great! It take awhile for him to warm up to everyone else, and even then he stays close. :)
He says dada, ball, bye (I think)
This past week he's had two doctor appointment, lots of blood drawn, shots, and his first bloody nose playing with his big sis. I hate seeing him getting 'booboo's', but at the same time, he is living life!! Living life outside of the over-protective orphanage. He now gets to 'run free' and learn his limits, trial and error, playing with big sis, he gets to see his legs! LOL poor little guy just sweats the second we walk outside in this heat. Thank goodness for the cooler air!
Yesterday we gave him his first taste of Joe T Garcia's ;) Y'all who know us, knows this is not shocking at all. The whole Crocker fam went and had a great time on the patio. It's beautiful outside! I even ran into another adoptive mommy blogger a couple tables down. Sweet family! They recently came home with their son from Ethiopia.
So James is doing great and we are all adjusting well! If I ever get on my laptop I'll add pics from the trip and since we've been home, but here are a few off my phone. :)


  1. Pip was initially scared of the bath. We thought it was the running water, but in actuality it was the bath already full that terrified him. Which should have made sense. He was likely dunked into an already full and likely cold tub because depending on where he was in the lineup, he could have been the 12th kid to get dunked.

    So once we put him in an empty tub, and THEN ran the bath he was forever in love with baths showers and all things water!

    Just a thought if you haven't already tried it.

  2. Melissa! I am so glad that you came over and said hey at Joe T's! so fun to meet you! I went by your table on our way out, but you must have been away. I'm sure your people were like, why is she staring at us! :) It was great to meet you!