Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What does LLS and Advocare have in common?

It means with every Advocare purchace you make from me, 100% of my commission will go towards my Team in Training fundraising efforts! So starting NOW, any orders placed from now until the last day I am able to fundraise for this season, my entire commission will go straight to LLS! You can order from my Advocare website  But PLEASE email me by clicking on my blogger info to the left, or leave me a comment on any of my blog posts, so I can know who to give credit to!!! I'll be able to look up how much you purchased. If you want to purchase from me directly, email or call me. I can only get you a tax deduction confirmation by entering in your donation with your info, otherwise I'll post it as anonymous. 

Don't want Advocare and just want to donate to this amazing cause?!? Donate using the link below or the badge to the right!


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