Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Beginning of our Journey.....

Hi and welcome to our blog!!  Caleb, Hannah and I are so excited to announce that we are adding a new addition to our family!!  After much prayer, research, thought, and consideration, we have decided to to adopt our second child. 

Why, you ask?  Short story....Because Caleb and I have always wanted to adopt a child who needs a warm, happy home. God has blessed us with the most beautiful baby girl on earth ; ) and we now want to add a little brother for Hannah!  When thinking about having a second child, our thoughts immediately went to adoption.

Where, you ask?  RUSSIA!  After researching domestic and international adoption, we decided to on international and somehow we ended up in Russia!  We feel that God has led us to this point, and will continue to guide us throughout the rest of our adventure that will lead us to the son he had made for us! We are so excited about this journey we are about to embark on and all we ask from you are prayers for an easy, smooth process!

I will update this blog every time we have a change in the process...the first 6-8 months is mostly paperwork and all the red tape we have to get through....I'll explain more on the next post of FAQ's...

Enjoy reading about our journey and keep us in your prayers! 

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  1. This is amazing sweet friend!!! I am so excited to follow along with you in your journey. Your home, family and lives will be so richly blessed by adding to it through adoption. I am so proud of you guys. Let me know what I can specifically pray for...Love you friend!!!

    P.S Hannah is gonna make an awesome big sister!!!